Gibraltar is steeped in military history and played an important part in WWll, a well worth visit to the Botanical Gardens where you will find many species of flora that are only indigenous to this area, is a must for those interested in this pursuit, as well as a visit to the upper Rock bird watching facilities, to watch migratory fauna cross the Straits of Gibraltar from North Africa.

A special place where you will find the most unique and welcoming Jewish community this side of the planet. Not only will you enjoy the diverse services on offer, such as, Kosher restaurants which fall under, the supervision of our Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Hassid, but also Mikvaot and our 4 wonderful Synagogues. A Shabbat in Gibraltar is an experience not to be missed, especially when Synagogue goers meet on their way home and greet each other with the traditional Shabbat Shalom!

We can offer:

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  • Meet and Greet
  • Group airport Transfers
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  • Synagogue and walking tours
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  • Kumsitz at St. Michaels Cave
  • Shabbat Catering


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