Young Latina Entrepreneur Builds Bridges, Boosts Latin United States Artisans

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Despite the politics around edge and trade dilemmas, Mexican-American company girl and millennial Sophie Eckrich is busy building bridges between your U. S and Latin America. Socially aware and obviously prepared to have within the worldwide game, her goal would be to strengthen ties by producing solid partnerships that benefit communities on both edges of y our edges.

Partnering with other millennial Travis Breihan, Eckrich founded Teysha, an artisanal footwear and accessory business that fosters reasonable trade and collaborates with master artisans throughout Latin America. The business seeks to bridge the 2 halves of our continent via a smartly created event of numerous countries, and additionally they get it done sustainably sufficient reason for a mission that is socially conscious.

“Personalized and creations that are one-of-a-kind is the label line. Taking the work of international change one consumer at any given time, Teysha supplies a design professional to assist produce the right set of specific shoes, sandals or cigarette smoking slippers, or even an unique tote or put pillow. It really is a regular reminder which our globe is really as interwoven it to be as we want.

We talked to Eckrich about her journey along with her business philosophy.

Exactly exactly just How did your latino impact that is upbringing worldwide view?

Growing up bilingual in Texas in a Latino home, I became raised in 2 various but worlds that are complimentary countries. My mother was created and raised in Mexico City before fulfilling my US daddy and moving to Austin, Texas.

Our home had been constantly filled up with the colors, music, tastes of Mexico. My mom is a poet, anthropologist and activist that is social from an early age she aided me develop a desire for the countries, histories, and present occasions of Latin America.

The Rundown morning

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Just exactly just How do you realize you wished to produce business away from those impacts?

Travis Breihan and I also had both invested our four many years of college research extremely dedicated to concerns of Overseas Development with a give attention to Latin America, in conjunction with numerous experiences traveling and residing in various communities and nations in the area.

We knew we wanted to create a sustainable business that was focused on opening opportunities for people to share their talents and heritage, while sharing all of the things we loved and learned about Latin America with our communities at home when we graduated.

We don’t know precisely what that will appear to be, but we knew first of all that countless communities in Latin America have actually an extraordinarily rich history of fabricating things as to what they’ve around them, be that a remarkably woven tapestry, a coffee that is fine or a variety of things.

But that market access and therefore the capability to earn a living from their art is frequently a barrier. We knew when we could produce one thing with those crafts or talents that has been practical and trendy, we’re able to start doorways to a lot of individuals while sharing the cultures and vibrancy of Latin America.

We founded Teysha to produce a platform and connection for artisans, designers, and folks across the global world to talk about, protect and celebrate art. The concept for wearable art came into being as being a real way to open more doorways for communities to create their art kinds, as well as for individuals across the world to wear and share that art.

Had been here any example by which these communities astonished you?

We’re constantly impressed by asian bride the ingenuity for the grouped communities we make use of. There clearly was a town from the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala called Santiago, where a lot of the city focuses on incredibly detailed and intricate embroideries, usually concentrating on wild wild wild birds. We now have for ages been a fan for the bird embroideries, and my partner Travis, along side certainly one of our design interns, Grace, began investing more amount of time in the town this past 12 months.

Travis arrived up because of the idea for a bit of a design competition/ challenge, that we would return in a week and buy whatever they had created so we printed out flyers that had the outline of the shape of one of our boot and shoe panels, and a request that the women and men show us their wildest creations, be it flora, fauna, the cosmos, symbols, whatever they could dream up, and.

Travis passed out many flyers, and also by 7 am the next morning he had been getting tons and a lot of telephone phone calls and Whatsapp communications from females searching for extra information and asking when they could join. He came back to Santiago seven days later, and received 20+ of the most extremely intricate, innovative, wild, amazing embroideries we’d ever seen, which range from flowers, plants, pets, and past. While previously we had just actually heard of theme of birds, whenever challenged and motivated to exhibit us their imagination, the ladies and guys went positively far beyond everything we might have imagined.

This experience that is initial the months of design collaborations which have followed, showed us that actually the potential for creativity is limitless when individuals have actually a location and a help system to state that imagination.

What’s the biggest challenges you’ve got up against this provider?

Assisting individuals understand the deep value, work, ability and artistry that goes into every single textile and effective we produce.

Into the U.S., we are generally surrounded by things that are formulated as fast and as inexpensively as you are able to, therefore considering the other end for the spectrum where every single thread, stitch, cut, is created by hand in accordance with intention, may be a bit hard to grasp.

We love showing people the behind the scenes view regarding the weaving, footwear creating, along with other crafts, then if they begin to see the item within their arms and that can certainly envision the hands that are many the nice.

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